How to Get Started with a Gratitude Journal.

Finding happiness in the big and small of every day life. We all desire more happiness in our lives. Right? what if I told you there is happiness and goodness right in front of you? Would you believe me? Sometimes we look for happiness outside ourselves. It might seem like our partner makes us happy... Continue Reading →

Another Mercury Retrograde Has Begun

But there is no need to panic The world may feel like it has turned upside down these days, from our social crisis to climate change, to fake news, and an upcoming election on top of it all. Sometimes it all feels backward. The only thing worse? Another Mercury retrograde has begun. This happens to... Continue Reading →

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Five types of spirits which may haunt places you go. Recently, a local publication assigned me to write a story on a historic hotel, built in 1889. But the focus of my story was not on the architecture or genealogy of the building. No, my angle honed in on the permanent residents of the hotel.... Continue Reading →

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