3 Lesser-Known Islands To Visit In Washington State’s Beautiful San Juan Archipelago

The San Juan Islands may arguably be the most beautiful place on earth. With their rolling fjords and cerulean waters dotting the landscape of the Salish Sea, this ring of 172 islands is situated in the northwest corner of Washington State, not far from the 49th parallel and Canadian border. Many people, locals and tourists... Continue Reading →

A Road Trip of a Different Color

“Road trips are the equivalent of human wings. We will stop in every small town and learn the history and stories, then we will turn it into our own story that will live inside our history to carry with us, always. Because stories are more important than things.” -- Victoria Erickson Road trips hold a... Continue Reading →

Adventures at the Wooden Boat Festival

We had been anticipating this day for weeks! On this Sunday, the second weekend in September, we found ourselves on our way to the 43rd annual Wooden Boat Festival, held in Port Townsend, WA. This event is sponsored by the NW Maritime Center and as avid sailing enthusiasts, we joined the other lovers of the sea for a... Continue Reading →

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