Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery is the Latinx/Chicanx arts hub of Seattle

OCTOBER 30, 2020by ┬áMARYROSE DENTON Walking up the city sidewalk in the White Center neighborhood, we stop outside the sandstone painted door of Nepantla Cultural Arts gallery, the hub for Latinx/Chicanx artwork in the Seattle area. Stepping inside, we find co-owners Jake Prendez and Judy Avitia Gonzalez re-arranging some newly arrived pieces to the current art... Continue Reading →

We Are the People

A tale of voting rights throughout history We the People, are the first three words of the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution. In all, a fifty-two-word sentence with some mighty power. We are the people; black, brown, white, native-born, or immigrant. We are the people, not based on our sex, gender, or who you love.... Continue Reading →

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