Preserving history (and a lighthouse) on Stuart Island

Imagine the most beautiful place in the world. Not hard to do, living here in the PNW. Now imagine a remote island in the very farthest northwest corner of the San Juan archipelago...This is Stuart Island, and for Jim and Linda Bergquist it is the most beautiful place in the world. The Lighthouse and Museum(Image:... Continue Reading →

The Tree of Ages

A short story of life, love, and moving on She leans back against its trunk. The rough feel of tree bark pushes into her spine and skin. Closing her eyes she lets the warm summer breeze blow across her face, slightly rumpling her hair. Wispy strands of her mousy brown curls fall across her lips,... Continue Reading →

A Divergent Road

And the decision of her life “Where am I going?” she mutters. Pulling up to the red stoplight, she compresses lightly down on the brake with her left foot, which slipped partly out of her Birkenstock, allowing the car to roll to a halt. In front of her, cars criss-cross back and forth, speeding off... Continue Reading →

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