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These article’s are in conjunction with Pride month and takes a look at different issues from the inception of the gay rights movement to today’s LGBTQ+ struggles as well as the pros and cons of corporate sponsorship.

A Landmark Victory

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The Rainbow Affect

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Six Degrees from Stonewall Riots

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The Tale of Terramar

Where earth and water meet, tells the tale of Terramar. A startup brewstillery who weaves sustainability into the fabric of their business while creating incredibly good brews, spirits and a well renowned pizza. Another honor of mine to write, this time for Food, Wine, Travel magazine.

Tale of Terramar 

Honoring A Way Of Life

This is a cultural story illustrating traditions, ritual, and deep, deep ties to ancestral ways played out annually during the Canoe Journey and Potlatch of the Coast Salish people. One of my biggest honors to write about this cultural event of inclusion and brotherhood.

Honoring a Way of Life

Today, I Would rather Pull the Covers Over My Head

Sometimes there are days like these.
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A Wee Bit of Ireland in Bellingham

Come join the party and celebrate everything Irish at this festival in Bellingham, WA

A Wee Bit of Ireland in Bellingham


Isolation for the Common Good

This link takes you to an article I wrote on Medium.com and was curated in Spirituality.  It speaks to our actions have rippling effects on the common good. Sometimes even when we withdraw. It has become one of my most popular articles with viewers.
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Massage Therapist in the Time of Covid-19

Here you will find my account of being a massage therapist during this unprecedented time. This has been viewed and shared over 8k times on Medium.com.
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How Will 2020 be your Year of Clear Vision?

Here is a piece looking ahead into this new year of 2020, little did any of us know what to expect. This is an evergreen article I believe due to it’s theme. It has been a consistent top read on Medium.com and was featured in the Medium publication, The Ascent.
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With much gratitude, thank you for reading.

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