Choo-Choose Amtrak Cascades for your next PNW adventure

As first published in Seattle Refined on January 19, 2023 It's a misty morning in the PNW as the Amtrak Cascades train rolls into the station. The sound of its whistle is heard first, moments before the outline of the big engine is seen coming down the tracks to a full stop. We're gathered with fellow travelers... Continue Reading →

All are welcome at Catalyst Cafe in Everett

Turn off the busy arterial of Colby Ave in Everett, and amidst the quiet side street neighborhood on 23rd sits Catalyst Cafe, an all-inclusive local gathering space creating meaningful change in Snohomish County. At first glance, it looks like any other neighborhood coffee house with a warm, inviting and welcoming vibe. Catalyst Cafe is all this... Continue Reading →

The Tree of Ages

A short story of life, love, and moving on She leans back against its trunk. The rough feel of tree bark pushes into her spine and skin. Closing her eyes she lets the warm summer breeze blow across her face, slightly rumpling her hair. Wispy strands of her mousy brown curls fall across her lips,... Continue Reading →

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