Our new YouTube Channel: Transcending Gender

It is all about advocacy.

Image may contain: text that says '#LOVEISLOVE TRANSCENDING GENDER Coaching parents through a transitional time.'

Your child has told you they are transgender. What does this mean? Your brain floods with thoughts and emotions, working overtime. fears, grief, sadness may surface and you feel overwhelmed. You may feel conflicted. You may wonder if this is a phase. I work with parents like you because I am one. I have walked in your shoes. I have been you. In 10-12 weeks of working together, I help you navigate this path. helping you feel better and stronger about yourself, your child, and your future together. Through one on one sessions, I am here for you and what is going on right now for you. If you are looking for someone to listen, to know first hand the questions and thoughts running through your mind, then I am here and look forward to working with you.

To find out more, contact me through my email or website. or FB message me.

Together we will create a better future for our kids, Transcending Gender.

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