MaryRose Denton

MaryRose Denton is a freelance writer, traveler, licensed massage therapist, meditation teacher, lifelong vegetarian, and most importantly a mother.  She enjoys the mash up these that life brings and writes about them with insight, humour, and wit.

A native to the Pacific Northwest, MaryRose lived for a short duration in Canada before returning home to this richly beautiful and diverse area. She has traveled overseas, exploring and visiting friends in their native homes allowing herself a deeper and richer understanding of human nature.

MaryRose writes the stories of the people and places she visits, hoping to expand her readers interest and touch their hearts. She is a current member of the International Travel Writers and Photography Alliance and the International Association for Professional Writers and Editors. A Freelance Journalist with TravMedia, the local chapter of Travel Massive WA, and Media Kitty, MaryRose can also be found on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, @maryrosedenton.

The mission for maryrosedentonwriter is to be a platform of inspiration for other’s, be they fellow travelers or want to be travelers, parents, foodies, or life explorers. It is to share stories and experiences that connect us all, reminding us we have more in common than what divides us.

Contact Info:

MaryRose’s email:  maryrosedenton8@gmail.com

Phone: (425)387-0633


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