True North Coffee Roasters has a mission bigger than their really good coffee

If you have lived in the Pacific Northwest for a while, you most likely have become accustomed to many of the icons of the area: the Space Needle standing sentinel along the city skyline, Mount Rainer majestically showing her white peaks on a sunny day, hearing how grunge music was born here. Of course, Seattle was the birthplace of another phenomenon: coffee culture.

Brewing since the early 1970s with an explosion of caffeinated sophistication developing, the coffee culture grew into cafes and drive-thru espresso stands practically on every corner. Local coffee bars can even be found inside large chain grocery stores. Yet every now and then, there is a coffee maker who rises above the rest. Take True North Coffee Roasters for example. As their name suggests, they are on course and dialed in on one thing: creating the perfect cup of coffee, which for them means beginning with a superior roast.

Since 2001, John and Maine Hofius have crafted exceptional coffee roasts in Ballard. According to Maine Hofius, they became persuaded by the “romance and mystery” described to them by another longtime roaster in the industry. Not inclined to let too much of that fill their heads they did give the idea of coffee roasting serious consideration. After mulling it over, they made up their minds and set their course. The direction they pointed themselves was that of True North.

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