Vegan & hungry in Bellingham? Look for Sage Against the Machine

When you are vegan and hungry in Bellingham – look no further, my friend, than Sage Against the Machine. This plant-based food truck can be found all over Bellingham, hopping around from Kulshans and Stones Throw breweries to the lunchtime plaza at Barclay Village. Just look for the green food truck with the fist logo.

Inside the green machine are owners Tara and Nate Johnson, cooking and serving up their version of down-home vegan fare, with a flair! Come early or phone in your order for pick-up, is the best advice, for even though their open hours list until 7 p.m., they typically sell out each evening.

How It All Began

Tara’s quest began seven years ago. As an off-and-on vegan for most of her life, she desired a healthier lifestyle, experimenting with various vegan recipes to find ones her family would enjoy. Her love for cooking quickly turned into a passion.

“I love to throw big dinner parties and feed people,” she says. Opening a food truck seemed like a natural extension for her tasty talents. She took all her favorite recipes and turned them vegan. Now they are what’s for dinner on the menu. It was reading the book “Forks Over Knives” by Gene Stone that changed her view on food.

V-Go storefront (Image:Sage Against the Machine)

“I woke up to what is in our food and what is being done to it,” Tara said. For this reason, she, along with her husband Nate, chose the name Sage Against the Machine, inspired by the ‘90s alternative rock band, Rage Against the Machine, whose music and lyrics spoke to action and revolutionary change. The Johnsons hold the same intention, hoping to inspire positive change in the food industry.

“Changing the world for the better, one meal at a time!”

Tara, as master chef, creates the menu for Sage Against the Machine, taking familiar, comfort food recipes and adjusting them, vegan style! From stand-by appetizers like chips and queso (a carrot-based queso that will have you forgetting about the cheese) to classic vegan wraps, to my favorite, the Fiesta Bowl. It is a combination of local and seasonal greens, kidney beans, rice, corn chips, shredded cabbage, and the pièce de résistance; their cilantro, lime, chile sauce! It truly is all about the sauce. And there are several in the Sage Against the Machine arsenal, each one delicious.

Most of the menu boasts a Southwestern flair but the Johnsons never back down from experimenting with ideas or flavors. One creation stems from their love of a Reuben sandwich, only this time all the flavors of sauerkraut, dressing, and barbecue jack fruit are generously portioned over a bed of corn chips! The Reuben Nacho is born!

Fiesta Bowl (Image:Richard Schmitz)

Even a non-vegan will be tempted with these savory meals from the Sage cart, including Nate. He grew up in Montana, home of the meat and potato dinners. After meeting Tara and enjoying her cooking, he went vegan.

“I don’t really miss a thing,” he said.

V-Go in the future

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