One man is living his literal dream at Deception Pass Tours


You have probably heard (and said, with a tinge of sarcasm) the phrase, “Living the dream!”

Yet, there is one man who really is living his actual dream, and it’s aboard the Island Whaler and Deception Pass Tours. The man? No other than Captain Brett Ginther, better known as Captain Brett.

It all started back in 2004, when Brett kept having a recurring dream. His nightly vision was of a very unique and unusual boat, and he had no idea what this dream meant. This went on for months until at his wife Terica’s urging, he sketched it all out on a scrap piece of paper.All aboard! (Image:Richard Schmitz)

Then he forgot all about it and went on with work and daily life. About a year later, Brett fulfilled a bucket item and obtained his captain’s license. It is here where Brett’s dream and reality began to intersect.

On an afternoon drive to locate a Nextel phone store, the Ginthers found themselves driving through Anacortes, right by the shipyards of Island Adventures. What do they see? THE BOAT, from Brett’s dream, sitting in the parking lot! Island Adventures became Brett’s first job as an official Captain running whale watching tours but his dream did not stop there.

When the season ended, Island Adventures decided to put the very boat of Brett’s dream up for sale. Perhaps needless to say, that day began Deception Pass Tours.Captain Brett chats with boater (Image:Richard Schmitz)

The Tour

Deception Pass Tours runs several day trip excursions including an overview of sea mammals as well as the ever-popular whale watching tours.

Our evening tour began in Coronet Bay inside Deception Pass State Park

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