Healthy, raw, vegan…chocolate? It exists, thanks to this Bellingham company


Healthy, Raw, and Vegan.

All words we expect to see on heath and organic foods, but on chocolate? That’s a little more rare, but not for Bellingham’s LunaVida Chocolates.

These mini organic squares of chocolate love you right back, and are handmade from LunaVida’s kitchen to yours.Assorted Flavors. (Image: LunaVida Chocolates)

But how does a raw food diet and chocolate go together?

Enter Lisa Tenney, LMT, Doula, and Raw Chocolatier, creating her vision of the world inside the city limits of Bellingham, WA. She is the mastermind and sweet creator behind LunaVida Chocolates, and is one very busy woman. Besides handcrafting each of her chocolates, she runs a massage therapy practice and birthing doula services out of the same space inside the Tending Moon Center, located on Cornwall Avenue in the heart of Bellingham.

The birthing of LunaVida began simply as a way for Tenney to satisfy her own sweet tooth while maintaining her integrity to health. Many of the chocolate bars lining market shelves contain processed food ingredients and additives, not to mention dairy.(Image: LunaVida Chocolates)

“I believe what we eat and where it comes from is of the utmost importance to our health and wellbeing,” she said.

Tenney wanted a better alternative. 

To find out her solution to her sweet tooth…

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