A Book Review: Found In Transition

A mother’s evolution during her child’s gender change

Several weeks ago a public relations co-ordinator from New World Library contacted me through my publication, The Rainbow Affect, on Medium. In her email to me, she asked if I would kindly review a new book about to be released.

She explained it is a story of a mother’s journey through her child’s gender transition. A story much like my own. I said, Of course. I am happy too.

A little over a week later, I received my hardback copy in the mail of Found In Transition by Paria Hassouri, MD. I began reading it that night.

I read through it first as a reader, as a mom, laughing and crying right along with the protagonist, Paria.

Then, I read it through a second time, to take notes for this review but also to relish in her story. Why? Because I can completely relate to her. Every step of the way. And there is something comforting in sharing a similar story. As a mother, as a woman, as a friend, as one who feels ‘outside’ the conventional societal groups most of the time.

Five years ago, when my son came out as transgender, not only did his transition begin (from female to male), but so did mine.

And this is where we find Paria at the start of her story, which spans a little more than a year of time. It is an open, honest account of what life is like parenting a transgender teen.

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