Another Mercury Retrograde Has Begun

But there is no need to panic

The world may feel like it has turned upside down these days, from our social crisis to climate change, to fake news, and an upcoming election on top of it all. Sometimes it all feels backward. The only thing worse? Another Mercury retrograde has begun.

This happens to be the last of three Mercury retrograde for 2020. And like much of 2020, I look forward to putting both in my rear-view mirror.

What is a Mercury retrograde?

A Mercury retrograde is when it appears as if Mercury is traveling backward in its orbit through the night sky. This is, of course, an illusion, the planet does not physically spin backward. Yet according to astrology, retrograde periods can have their effect on our emotions.

The planet Mercury rules communication in all its forms; writing, reading, speaking, even listening. It has been characteristically thought during these periods, to be associated with confusion, errors, delays, frustrations, and miscommunications.

One might experience emails gone awry or mixed-up travel plans, or loving intentions unrequited. Often there seem to be more computer issues or mechanical problems than usual.

Because mercury rules all types of communication the best thing to do is to take a long, slow breath and try to remain patient and flexible. Double-checking your communications doesn’t hurt either. Give that email a second glance, allow extra time for travel, smile more at those around you. We are all in this particular experience together.

This is a good time to review new projects …..

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