Memories of My Dad this Father’s Day

A real-life Archie Bunker or was he?

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

For those of you old enough to remember Archie Bunker, the quintessential cantankerous character of the ‘70’s show All In The Family, then you will understand my father. Or at least a side of him.

But he was not all cantankerous, my dad. And like Archie, my dad was a man who saw the world around him rapidly changing from the one he grew up in.

Sometimes, neither man, the real or the fictitious character, knew how best to handle worldly topics such as; the women’s lib movement, racial diversity, or economic disparity. Sometimes, they wanted the world to stay the way it was, the way they knew it. But the times they were a-changing.

My dad, and Archie Bunker, were men of principle. They were hard-working, family men who grew up in an altogether different era.

My dad was born into a time just before the great depression hit. His childhood overshadowed by WWII. He was of the greatest generation. He grew up knowing sacrifice, not only for one’s country but also for one’s neighbor and fellowman. A quality which shaped him, becoming a thread of service throughout his life.

He watched Shirley Temple on the big screen and Dick Tracy was his favorite cartoon in the Sunday papers.

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