Pride Month: Is It a Commercial or a Celebration?

A look at the pros and cons of corporate sponsorship

Reading the news online, I flipped by a story relaying the candy icon Skittles is removing the color from their candies in support of Pride month. They are going grey to celebrate the LGBTQIA community by giving up their rainbow colors to show that only one rainbow really matters. #OneRainbow.

This got me thinking.

Last year, I attended my first Pride parade in the five years since my son, then my daughter came out. I attended as an ally and as a mom. It truly was the largest street party ever! Everywhere I looked there were rainbows and flags and rainbow flags. Banners stretched across every building with slogans of inclusion from various corporations.

Yes, corporate America celebrated and marched in every Pride parade across the nation, some even internationally.

What began as a police raid at The Stonewall Inn located in New York’s Greenwich Village in 1969, has become the turning point of the gay liberation movement now is a month-long, shout-out to equality with businesses getting on the band-wagon. Jet Blue flies their slogan, “Love wings” while Starbucks partners with Lady Gaga’s foundation “Born this way”.

Is this rainbow washing?

A Good Book Lasts A Lifetime

My coping mechanism and self-care habit in the time of Covid-19

Like so many of us, my love of books began in my youth. Books transported me to other worlds and other times filling my young mind and imagination with the beauty of the written word. As an adult, I read for knowledge, enjoyment, and my own self-care.

During this time of Covid-19 and stay-at-home orders, opening a well-loved novel can be like visiting that old friend who you have not seen in years but has the uncanny knack of picking up right where you left off last. A very comforting feeling.

Comfort and safety seem to be two essential qualities in a time when our nervous systems are overloaded with fraught, doomsday news and our everyday world is turned upside down. When my anxiety level begins to climb, I find it helpful to switch off the screen and bury my nose in a book instead. Ever since I was a young girl my coping mechanism has been to escape into the world of words.