How Will 2020 Be Your Year of Clear Vision?

Small steps can bring us closer to the life of our dreams.

This past week I boxed up my holiday decorations, placing them back in the garage for another year. With the bustle of the holiday over and the house tidied up, I take some time to reflect. I can’t help reminiscing on the year coming to a close.

What have I learned this past year? What has changed? How have I grown as a person?

This year also ends a decade, lending my thoughts to span across the last ten years. Much has happened, for me on a personal level as well as for our world. For me, there was a divorce, my son coming out as transgender and going off to college, moving twice with my daughter, discovering myself, empty nesting, and finally falling in love again.

For the world, we were coming out of a global financial crisis, Obama was still President, the internet grew with technologies such as “cloud computing” and social media boomed. We saw the“Me Too” movement and Women’s March have a voice that ultimately shaped a culture. Another Presidential election happened and more scandal.

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