My First Procession of the Species

The sky over the Capitol building darkens as the first stars twinkle against the backdrop of midnight blue. The moon rises in the evening sky. It is a waxing moon tonight, almost full, heavy and bright on this chilly night. It hangs low on the horizon, slowly becoming brighter with each passing moment, as if it wishes to join the crowd forming outside 4th and Water street at the Procession Art Studio.

As it shines against the blackening night, it’s as if the moon itself is a luminary in this Procession, gathered to celebrate the Earth she shines down on, and all its species.

Photo by MaryRose Denton

This is my first Procession of the Species. My son, along with many, many other artists and volunteers have been working on various art projects for the past seven weeks, culminating in this community celebration of culture and our natural world.

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